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Friends of Music


Friends of Music was set up in 1995 by a group of music lovers who met on a monthly basis at an informal venue.

From those humble origins, the club has grown into an organised 20 events per year that provide a platform for musicians across all disciplines to come together and experiment with new directions of music before a discerning, and encouraging, audience.

Between the world of classical music and filmi pop, there is a wide, wide spectrum of music being performed in India today - jazz, rock, pop, fusion, urban folk ...both original music and cover versions. There are huge numbers of extremely talented musicians who are looking for an outlet for their talent - for an environment that provides a forum through which they can grow with audience (and peer) feedback, which is so crucial to fine-tuning talent.

Through Friends of Music, a "Teamwork Films" initiative, we have provided a live forum for musicians from Delhi and other cities, and the response has been magnificient.

In three years, we have experienced the growth of individual musicians, the fusion and creation of new bands, and the coming together of mature audiences.

Five hundred to six hundred members (and guests) gather each month to listen to one or two bands at an open-air venue. It's the place of real music - where bands meet and form; where composers meet lyricists and soloists meet backup bands.

It is the place where musicians are seen and heard - both by music lovers and other muscians,.. and the mood sets in with scrumptious Indian grub including tangris & tikkas.

The evening takes a unique turn in the last hours when sound and light reach exhaustion, the musicians leave the raised platform and take the grass bed and there is no stopping for the music...the real sound of music.

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