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The IDEA ~ January 2000
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JOINT VENTURES: Looking for people with MIDI rigs, for farming out work. Working with a computer sequencer and having a modem/e-mail is a must. Contact via email for further details.
  • MIDI Keyboard ~Korg Trinity Plus / Kurzweil 2000, upwards

  • Modules, etc..

  • Computer-based Digital Multi-Track HD-based recording set-up with hardware Interface etc.

  • Digital mixing console with onboard FX. 16-track or upwards, preferably Yamaha O3D.

  • External SCSI CD-writer

  • Two "IN/OUT" & one "THRU" MIDI interface for PC

  • Interesting original softwares, encoders, etc., for trading
    ... and some sort of good-luck charm thang, 'cause nothing that could work out ever does!!

  • Contact: VIPIN MISHRA¬† tel: res: (91-11) 6896459 off: (91-11) 6959000 ext.262/147

  • One used but fully-loaded Kurzweil K2000R rackmount synthesizer/sampler, with PRAM, Orchestral Card, 40 MB RAM, Internal Hard Disk, connector kit, sampling option with digital in/outs. Contact via email for further details.

    TASCAM PORTA-02 ~ nearly-new audio portastudio for the aspiring musician, songwriter or music educator looking for the best value in an entry-level multitrack recording system. Great sound quality, easy operation and full compatibility with consumer stereo cassette decks, this 4 track recorder lets you record (2 tracks at a time), overdub and mixdown to standard Type-II cassettes.
    Offerred in exchange for some interesting musical device or instrument. Contact via e-mail.