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Anando Dutta
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I grew up in Bombay, studying the sciences through school and college. The city provided a perfect backdrop to one's interests in the arts and progressive theatre, as well as in cinema ~ which continues to remain a passion. Besides, living in Bombay, one was exposed to the affluent placed in stark conjunction with the extreme tolerance levels of the deprived coexisting in a state of cross-culturalism.

Went on to studies in pursuit of a career in Graphic Design, at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad.

Since then, I've been commissioned to projects of diverse kinds and in varying media. Projects in Corporate Imaging, Publication Design for periodicals and journals, Signage Graphics, Videography, Exhibition & Super graphics and Computer Imaging.

When I bought my first XT machine for $2000, I would never have conceived of the IT of today. This immense and awesome potential has a mind boggling future which I confess I dread to even imagine.

My first tete a tete with the computer, was when I was a part of a leading magazine office. It was then a cut 'n' paste tool more than anything else. About five years on from then, somewhat reluctantly I was again in front of a completely different gadget to conceive imaging for the television media. And so on.

Now, it has become a limb as it were,.. almost an extension of my physical and mental self.

Over the years one has lived with this great asset, which made possible fairly complex operations with dramatic simplicity and ease. Aware always of the fact that possibilities would range endlessly, even beyond the comprehensible visualisation of a creative mind. But for me, from within, grew a deepening sense of fear. Of lack of authority, of loss of control, where the medium dictated the pretty niceties of a communication process. Where a drop shadow was glamorous, and a soft dissolve considered the better option than a freeze frame cut.

Exploration and accidents were a regular source of surprise and served much delight to my client profile. Soon everyone was exploring accidents to achieve creative merit and acclaim. Possibilities of the wares came to be a part of life, to be discussed and regurgitated over the morning mail or the evening scotch.

My fear was a pariah misfit in this chaotic world of creative leap frogging, more so because I could never place my mind ahead of my brush, or paper, or even a computer if it were. My inner voice and its language will probably, and hopefully remain my sense of equilibrium to tell me ~ maybe I just might be better off fiddling with the mouse once in a while, and if and only when I'm ready for it.


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