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2nz Interactive is what one might call a creative head-banging headquarters, corporatized around a multi-faceted team of twenty hardcore professionals ~ most with an academic background relating to art, design and programming. As one of the many large and little companies in India profiled as "one-stop shops" for conceptualization to implementation of Websites, Interactive Multimedia, Cel/2D/3D-Animation and Computer Graphics, it serves as a terrific case-study on growth-paths for individuals taking to (or already in) the business of creative new-media in India.

The man heading it all up is Kireet Khurana, a product of the prestigious Sheridan College, Canada ~ where he did a 3-year course in Design and Animation. Over the years, Kireet's animated short films have bagged him 3 President's National Awards, and 2 international awards. He's had articles published in the Times of India, Indian Express, Business Computer, and Studio Systems, and has also contributed one for this gazette (visit "Indian Animation ~ Missed Opportunities" from the contents page).

Visual Director at 2NZ Interactive is Poonam Prabhani, who operates from a foundation of rigorous arts and design studies ~ including studies under Suresh Sawant and Mario Miranda. Poonam's also taught Computer Graphics and Digital Animation herself at Infografix, and spent two and a half years as head of the multimedia department at Pixel Point.

Tehzeeb Khurana is Creative Director at 2NZ, with diplomas in Commercial Art and Cartooning as her career start-point. She joined 2NZ to first train up as a Graphics Artist responsible for several prestigious commercial projects, and now contributes creative inputs on all their current undertakings.

Nikhil Salvi leads the team of cel-animators at 2NZ, coming to the job after honing the focus of an Applied Arts degree from L.S. Raheja College of Art with extensive cel-animation experience at two top animation studios ~ RM-USL and the Bhimsain Animation Academy.

Technical Direction at 2NZ rests with Raj Gopal, a B.Tech. in Engineering and an M.Des. in Industrial Design from the Industrial Design Centre, IIT-Mumbai. Raj has specialized skills in computer hardware and programming, multimedia and websites, on all of which he deploys an in-depth knowledge of Perl, C, Visual Basic, Sybase, Miscrosoft SQL, HTML, Dreamweaver, Javascript, Director, etc.

With a degree in Electronics Engineering and over 8 years of experience with implementing Client Server Solutions, Farhad Merchant lends 2NZ an in-depth understanding of all flavours of database management systems and the various graphical user interface (GUI) tools. He's provided solutions and support to a wide range of clients around Asia, Europe and North & South America,.. including the likes of DOW Jones, Walmart, Siemens, the Ontario Provincial Police, etc.

Project Management at 2NZ is Reynold D'Cruz's baby. A graduate in 3D-Graphics and Animation from the Xavierís Institute of Communication, his main expertise lies in Computer Graphics, Multimedia and Website Development, but he's also an all-rounder with skills in Design, HTML, Javascript, Virtual Reality, etc., in addition to which he's currently also a visiting faculty at EDIT.

Project Coordination and Marketing at 2NZ is the business of Kapil Khanna, who brings to it a B.Tech in Electronics from IIT-Mumbai, and an M.Tech in Digital Technology from IIT-Chennai. He has work experience in the field of Electronics and Digital Computing with a strong background in programming with Unix, C, C++, HTML and various Development tools.

Habib Shaikh brings aboard a strong programming and 3D Graphics background. He is an Aptech graduate, trained in C++, Oracle, RDBMS programming and others. Thereafter he trained at BNA where he mastered Graphic Design principles and techniques. He's also spent time on the programming faculty at Aptech.

Corporatizing all of this creative talent into firm bottom-lines for 2NZ is Parul Khanna, Director-Accounts and Finance, an ICWA (Finance), M.Com., DFM (Diploma in Financial Management) and DCA (Diploma in Computer Applications) by qualification. She has work experience in managing projects for leading finance companies such as Ceat Financial Services Ltd. and has also been active in the marketing of financial and investment services.

Flexibility of to various projects at 2NZ is addressed by administering skill sets as follows:


Creativity & Design





Management & Project-Coordination

Accounts & Finance


This in turn is expanded to include further specializations and advanced skills through outsourcing of associated freelance professionals and consultants. The company also maintains a technical collaboration with CMS Computers Ltd. --leading hardware vendors in interactive kiosks and multimedia hardware,-- for whom 2NZ serves as solutions-providers on design, authoring and multimedia.

Project Flow

1. Project brief

2. Preliminary presentation consisting of:
Basic flow and functionality
Sample designs and layouts
Confirmation of the work order and receipt of Advance payment as per the Terms and Conditions
Identification of the Project Team from both sides with definition of individual roles. This requires a meeting of all the team members

3. Basic Interface Specifications consisting of:
Flow and Navigation
Design and Layout
Receipt of materials from client

4. Presentation, Visual demos and examples for Step 5
Approval of Basic Interface
Prototyping - with most of the essential features
Prototype presentation and approval
Modifications in Prototype (if any)

5. Beta (interim) version of the product
Beta version approval
Final Incorporation of modifications (if any)
Quality Assurance

6. Final Product Delivery







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