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Courting Brownie

Two as One - A Tail of Dove Love

by me, Blue, the blue bar

When I was young,
life was sometimes very beautiful,
but still I felt lonely.

Then one day I saw lovely Brownie in the park.

I went right over to get close to her,
but when she saw me
she took off out of there like a bat out of...

that left me standing there wishing for her,
feeling like a fool.

I couldn't get her out of my mind,
so I followed and watched her.

Eventually she let me come closer,

but still she stayed elusive and played "hard to get".

One day I saw her standing alone.
She even looked a bit lonely herself.

So I chanced it and dropped in nearby.

This time she didn't fly away,
but instead, our eyes met.

and she let me come close, very close.

Very gently she leaned toward and touched me.

Then we danced so hard we felt all blurry.

We were together! There was an "us"!

Brownie looked so relaxed
it was almost like she was a different bird,

all warm and soft and opened up inside.

We felt like all the world was a vision of love

and after that, we were never very far apart.

Together we explored exotic places.

We met alien beings who came from very different worlds.

We'd go for a drink with our friends,

or a stroll in the park with the flock.

The two of us watch life together,

no longer lonely,

no longer experiencing the scary intensity of life all alone,

and at the end of each and every day,

she lets me keep her warm.

They all see us together.

They all know we're a couple.

Everyone in the flock knows we love each other.

So why then, oh why oh why?

Why today was she with that rakish stud Mohawk?

Yes yes ok. I have to admit it too.
They do make a strikingly handsome couple,
impressive together, these two individuals,
with his white-trimmed black and her rare pure tan.

How could I ever hope to compete,
mere small scrawny young
common gray twit that I am?

Afterall, she is like a goddess

And he strong, smart, wise, well traveled and respected by all,

yet still vulnerable and oddball in the ways females just can't resist.

They had met each other at work, on the job, as street cleaners.

Though at first they were poles apart,
they'd drawn closer a bit every day.

And today, without even half trying,
Mohawk caught her eye and she joined him.

I had to do something. I loved her. I could not lose her now!

So I worked up my guts, stood up tall as I could,
and spoke my piece.

Much to my amazment, that did it.
She left Mohawk for home in a blink.

She must really love me too. And was Mohawk ever surprised!

Now we're together and close again, Brownie and I.

We are so close we are really
one being in two parts.

One as two, two as one,
and so may we long remain!*

*Note: The life expectancy of a pigeon in a supportive environment is well over 20 years. The average life expectancy of a pigeon in New York City is said to be about 2 years (less than 1/10th). These birds will probably not get to share their love for long.